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Product Review & Give Away

Saver Emergency Breath System

The Saver Emergency Breath System is a compact and lightweight filter intended to give you those few precious minutes to escape from a house fire.  This easy to use gadget is a one use, 5 minute filter that will remove smoke, particles, and most importantly carbon monoxide.  The Canadian Preppers Network has been given one for testing, and a two-pack to give out to one lucky winner.

First...the test.
As I mentioned, this is a one shot product.  Once the seal is broken, the filter must be used or replaced.
To test this product, I'm certainly not going to light my house on fire, but I can find out if it works, at least to some degree outdoors.  In the below video, I light a smoke inducing fire in the old burn barrel and see if I can breath while standing directly in the path of the smoke.  If this product performs as advertised, I should have no problems.