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Let The Harvest Begin!


Well, the time has finally come.  All the digging, planting, weeding, tying up, and watering is finally showing some fruits for all the labour.  Sure, I’ve been pulling the occasional veggie here and there over the past few weeks…a tomato or two, a few green beans, a summer squash for dinner…but now it seems to be really getting started.  Here is today’s take…still not a bounty to feed us for a month, but at least it’s a good sign of yummy things to come.

Here we have fresh tomatoes, yellow summer squash, and a bunch of mint that was gifted to me 2 years ago by Farmgal, ready to dehydrate and be used for tea.  Still to come are peppers, carrots, green and yellow beans, cucumbers, beets, and hopefully lots more of what you see above!