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The Prepared Canadian Podcast – Episode 73

We’ve all done it…cutting a corner here and there in an effort to shave valuable time off of a particular task.  Quite often, it works out in the end, more or less, and we go on our merry way.  Sometimes, however, in our efforts to gain a few extra minutes, we can end up wasting more time than we could have ever hoped to gain.  Not only that, but we could also be exposing ourselves to unnessesary danger and risk serious injury from the most basic of household tasks.

This week I will take a look at and discuss some of the time wasting and down right dumb time saving corner cuts I made in the past couple of weeks.  Did I know better?  Of course I did, but in an attempt to be more time efficient, I ended up wasting more time than I could have hoped to save. 

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