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It’s Been A Long Time

Hello all, it certainly has been a long time since I’ve posted anything here. In contrast to my other websites where political, religious, and conspiracy types of topics are frowned upon, this one allows me to rant a little.

This blog was originally set up as a homepage for my podcast, but since I am no longer recording, it has been quiet for quite some time. The exception being some syndicated posts from other sites.

Well, I’ve been watching the evolution of things lately and now seems like as good a time as any to break the silence. It’s sad to see what’s going on these days.

One topic I’d like to discuss is the recent influx of asylum seekers flooding over the US/Can border in Quebec and Ontario. A few weeks ago, I was watching the morning news and listening to the reports of the hundreds per day walking across the border in Lacolle, Qc. I remember thinking…this is not a third world country, we don’t just set up tent cities to accommodate these people! Well was I ever wrong! The next morning’s news started with reports of the military setting up a tent city. Now, I have nothing against legitimate asylum seekers coming to Canada for refuge. For those with legitimate claims we should, as a relatively rich country, do what we can to help. This attitude is part of the Canadian identity and we should continue this policy. However, there is a process and we do have criteria for people to be accepted. From what I understand, most of the asylum seekers now flowing up from the US do not meet these criteria. I’m not saying that we should shut down the border. patrol it with military or CBSA enforcement, but those who enter illegally, and yes, anytime you enter the country without checking in at a port of entry, it is an illegal entry, their applications should be screened immediately to determine if they have a legitimate case, or are just trying to jump the queue. Those who have no chance of a successful application should be deported. Those who have legitimate claims can then be forwarded into the normal process.

The Nazis are coming, the Nazis are coming!

Now we have all seen the demonstrations taking place on both sides of the border of late, and they have not been without the loss of life.
To the nazis, white supremicists, et al…
Canada’s immigration issue has nothing to do with race! I DO hear your concerns, I happen to agree that the government needs to step up and do something about the current influx, but not because the border jumpers happen to have more pigmentation than I do…and if you want a legitimate concern to be heard, throwing nazi salutes and displaying swasticas is simply not going to get you a receptive audience.

I was most confused about a statement made on facebook when someone declared “I am proud to be white”.
Hmmm, let’s see now…
I am proud to own my house outright. I worked my arse off to be able to do that.
I am proud to have two polite and thoughtful children. I work daily to make sure that my kids are raised with respect towards others.
I could go on, but s I think that I have given enough examples to make my point. I am proud of a lot of things I have accomplished so far in life and the one thing they all have in common is that I did them, worked for them. However I cannot be proud of being something I had nothing to do with and couldn’t have if I tried…namely being white.

The division is clear…perhaps more pronounced in the US, but none the less clear. Never have I seen such division, and I’ve witnessed two referendums on Quebec separation! Politics is dividing the continent and only one side can be victorious…let’s just hope that it doesn’t take Civil War II to see which side wins.