Oatmeal And Corn Anyone?


Ok, so maybe that might sound a little weird for breakfast…unless you’re a chicken!
As the cold weather sets in, I like to give the chickens a little treat in the morning.
I picked up on the oatmeal thing from Cam Mather’s blog, and had heard about feeding corn in winter from all the popular backyard chicken raising sites.  Well, I figured I would mix them together…and boy those chickens love it!

It all starts with the raw ingredients…deer corn, which I picked up for just over 5 bucks for a 25 lb bag, and some regular old instant oatmeal.

I mix it up in a 1 lb margarine container…about 3/4 full.

Next, I add hot, not quite boiling water to just about fill the container.

Mix and let cool…

Then out to the coop.  I always place the oatmeal (and a bit of extra corn for scratch) in the run before letting the girls out for the day.  Otherwise, I might loose a finger when they go for it.

…and here they come…straight for their warm morning treat.  It will take the four of them about 10 minutes to devour the entire thing.


6 Responses to Oatmeal And Corn Anyone?

  1. Jonesy says:

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    • Poonam says:

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  2. Try mixing spare bacon fat in and watch them devour it. Think of it as suet/pemmican for chickens:)<br />

  3. Igor says:

    I am forever indebted to you for this infimratoon.

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