Predator Problem at the Chicken Coop


At about 17 weeks of age, I am now checking daily for eggs.  Sure, the nesting boxes are set up and lined with fresh pine shavings, and the feed has been switched over to  a layer granule mix, but I am now really checking every day, in every crevice of the coop and run, anxiously waiting for my first egg.  But just as my girls are coming of age, a new, actually first, concern has popped up…predators.

I’m not really sure what it is, but there is something trying to get into the coop.  I haven’t bothered closing the coop door at night all summer, figuring that the extra air flow would help keep the coop cooler, but starting last night, my girls get locked up tight.  Yesterday morning, as I went out to feed my girls and do the morning water change, I noticed something really strange.  There was a pile of freshly dug dirt at the base of the run.

This doesn’t particularly cause me a LOT of concern, as I covered the bottom of the run with hardware cloth, then added a layer of gravel, to keep anything from digging under and in.  However, a closer look at the run revealed some missing wire on the hardware cloth.

Something is obviously trying to get in…what, I just don’t know yet.  The coop is just outside my back door, and like all entrances, there is a motion sensor light on 24/7.  From time to time lately, thi light will come on, and I check on it every time I see it, but I never get a glimpse of what might be coming around.

Anyways, as I mentioned, from now on the girls are getting locked up in the coop at night and I will continue to check things out whenever I see the light come on. Has anyone else had these signs and know what is trying to get into my coop?

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  1. Paijem says:

    We always ttgihen up our coop in the fall. We use a rubber tub with a tank heater in it for the hens in the winter. The water fountains just break too easy. We make sure they can’t perch above it and drop poo in and put the tub up on a wood pallet to keep straw out. Works pretty good and only needs to be changed once a day. We also keep straw really deep on the floor and in nest boxes this time of year. We also feed the little guys lots of fresh veggies, fruit and even hard boiled eggs for extra protein. Hope your chickens get well soon.

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