Homemade Saussage

Saussage making is easier than it sounds, but it does take some time.

This week, we decided to mix up a bunch of pork cuts we had been saving up and stuff a batch of sausage.

When we weighed it out, we had 47lbs of pork with about a 35% fat content.  I know, I know, health gurus warn us away from fats these days, but lean meat makes for dry, crumbly sausages!

This first step is to gut the meat up into pieces that will easily feed into the grinder.  We use a Dorkert #22 grinder that had been passed down to us by my father in law…an awesome machine!  We find that longer, thinner strips feed into the grinder better than cubes or odd shaped chunks.  Using the coarse die seems to work well for us as the meat grinds easier and the second pass when stuffing takes it down to the right consistency.

The next step is to season the ground meat.  I must admit that I don’t know EXACTLY what goes in there, as the wife takes care of this step.  However, to give you an idea there is salt, black pepper, garlic powder and Hungarian paprika.  I’m sure this is only a partial list and I have no clue what the measurements are either…but I’m sure you can find a recipe online and adjust to your own taste.  The mixing is all done by hand in a plastic tote that also serves as storage for the grinder and accessories.

Now comes the fun part…stuffing the casings.  We use natural pig casing that we buy at the Jean Talon market in Montreal.  We bought a kg 3 years ago, froze it, and have used about half so far.  Better to have it on hand when you want it than to make a special trip each time as we found it somewhat difficult to find.

All in all, I would say we spent about 4 hours doing this batch from start to finish and ended up with 193 sausages and about 3 1/2 pounds of ground sausage meat when we ran out of thawed casing.




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